PayBee @ Charities Non-profits are looking for better ways to connect with their community. Not all donors carry cash, but they all have their phones.

PayBee @ Charities Non-profits are looking for better ways to connect with their community. Not all donors carry cash, but they all have their phones.

PayBee for Charities

One-Time or Recurring Donations

Instead of asking people to mail checks or call with credit card information, you can now receive instant donations by placing PayBee’s QR codes in your emails, newsletters, websites, etc. Our platform shortens the time between inspiration and donation so everyone can give immediately rather than walking to the mailbox or waiting to call during business hours. Less hassle for donors means more funds for your cause!

Ticketing for Events

PayBee greatly reduces training time by letting your volunteers accept and record any type of payment on their phones. To sell tickets, volunteers simply enter the ticket type, amount, and an email address. To redeem pre-paid tickets, volunteers scan QR codes included in ticket emails. All event information goes straight to your central dashboard so you can see what’s happening on the ground in real-time.

Digital Auction Tools

Our auction tools give your volunteers time to help guests instead of staring at calculators or scribbling on notepads. PayBee offers printable live auction paddles with QR codes that volunteers can scan to collect instant payments. Silent auction goers can download the PayBee app and add items to their mobile checkout carts for hassle-free shopping.

Donor Management

Donor CRM

Tracking & Reporting

Monitor Donor Activities

Share impact

Central Money Management

With our central dashboard, you can view all your campaigns at once and see which fundraisers are working best for your organization. PayBee’s metrics include a giving timeline, money raised per donor or per campaign, recurring donations, and even unfulfilled pledges so you can track down late payments. You can invite multiple administrators to view your dashboard content if you need to coordinate among different campaign sites.

Corporate Matching

To prevent delays when dealing with corporate matching, PayBee sends automated reminders to you and/or to businesses when you need to follow up on unfulfilled requests. This system helps you update information so you can track matched gifts more accurately and even handles thank you notes so your corporate partnerships remain strong.

Social Support

PayBee lets you spread the word to several social media platforms with one click. You can even post QR codes for your campaigns directly to Instagram or Twitter so donors don’t have to visit your homepage to make a donation.

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